Assist FX research is always customized to the precise needs of each client. Its first assignment was to cover the historic OPEC energy minister meetings as an analyst inside the walls of OPEC’s Secretariat building in Vienna, Austria in November and December of 2016. However, projects do not need to be tied to a specific event. Assignments such as trend research are designed to serve the client’s needs over a broader window of time.

Services include:

1.) At the Source (ATS) Business Intelligence: On-site data collection and intelligence gathering to gain unique insights into what is happening and why in a particular circumstance (ideal for institutional clients).

Such as:

  •  What is happening “on the ground” in specific location(s) in terms of behavior and sentiment today which is likely to lead to the business and economic trends of tomorrow?
  • What is motivating the decisions and actions of certain businesses, consumers, or constituents?
  • What is the business or economic data missing about a particular market?
  • Is political polling improperly capturing intangibles such as enthusiasm or hidden opinions that may alter the expected outcome? ie. Brexit, Trump.
  • Which emerging technologies, services, or products are being adopted by certain regions or groups.

2.) Investment Research: Foreign exchange (FX) risk management and forecasting.

  • What are the key market drivers impacting one or more currency exchange rates  and what are the likely drivers over a specified duration in the future?
  • What are the top risks facing a specific currency and what is the magnitude of those risks?
  • Currency outlook and forecasting
  • Should you hedge your FX risk?
  • Macro outlooks for crude oil, gold, equity indices.

3.) General Research: Detailed information gathering and insightful analysis to get to the heart of what you need to know for your unique situation. We are happy to now provide research service for a wide range of needs desired by small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals.

  • Blockchain technology/cryptocurrencies
  • Public government records
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Academic rankings
  • Custom topics by request
*Assist FX investment research is for informational purposes only.  Currencies and other leveraged investments may carry high risk and you should seek advice from your own financial advisory firm before acting on any information.