Business Development Consulting: Assist FX can help your business grow.  Are you seeking expansion into new markets? Is your business considering adding new products or services? Do you need help executing an existing business plan but are not ready to commit to high fixed costs or permanent staff?

Or, are you seeking targeted consulting regarding a strategic growth plan? Assist FX has the expertise to help you study, analyze, create and implement a strategic growth plan for your company. This may include:

  • Market and trend research
  • Financial modeling, analysis, and forecasting
  • Operational process improvement
  • Business writing and investment prospectus development
  • Fostering strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Analyzing competition and regulatory roadblocks
  • Identifying best-fit partners for M&A
  • Due diligence research and reporting
  • Project-specific assistance
  • More

Economic Risk Consulting: Now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to properly identify and manage external economic risks.  These include areas such as:

  • Political instability
  • High stake political elections
  • Government regulations
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Currency exchange rates (FX)
  • Interest rates
  • Trade tariffs
  • Boom and bust cycles
  • Central bank monetary policy
  • Banking system health
  • Employment trends
  • Commodity price swings
  • More

Assist FX monitors and interprets vast quantities of economic news and conducts extensive analysis to forecast likely future outcomes and their impacts. We keep our clients ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition through proactive risk factor identification and management.

The way to minimize risk is to be prepared for all outcomes to the extent possible. To prepare for something, you must be aware of it and understand how it is likely to affect your business should it materialize.

Our economic risk consulting provides clients with highly personalized, confidential, insightful consultation on an ongoing basis or by the hour.

3.) Asset Management (Available Late 2017/Early 2018): Professional multi-asset management of capital with a global macro focus. Maximize return/minimize risk in currencies, commodities, equities and fixed income markets.



*Assist FX investment research is for informational purposes only.  Leveraged investments may carry high risk. Assist FX nor anybody acting on behalf of Assist FX shall not be held responsible for any actions taken as a result of Assist FX research. You are responsible for your own investment decisions.