Financial Services

Highly specialized consulting in a professional, value-enhancing and confidential manner

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1. Consulting for asset managers: Professional services for hedge funds, portfolio managers, wealth advisors, traders, and financial analysts

  • Investing and hedging advisory in FX, energy, precious metals, interest rates, and equity indexes (US Clients only)
  • Investigative financial research
  • Economic event representation
  • Geopolitical and macroeconomic analysis
  • Investment strategy optimization
  • Macro risk monitoring for global financial markets
  • Due diligence to confirm commercial and factory information
  • Professional securities licenses: Series 3 Futures Associated Person; Series 34 Forex Associated Person

2. Economic risk consulting for public and private sector organizations

  • Political-related market impact analysis
  • Government regulations
  • Impact analysis of disruptive technologies
  • Currency exchange rate (FX) impacts to cash flows and operations
  • Global trade developments
  • Monetary policy analysis
  • Labor market statistics trends
  • Commodity markets imbalances and risks
  • Financial risk management

Assist FX monitors and interprets vast quantities of economic news and conducts extensive analysis to identify impending risks and their impacts. We keep our clients ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition through proactive risk factor identification and management.

The way to minimize risk is to be prepared for all outcomes to the extent possible. To prepare for something, you must be aware of it and understand how it is likely to affect your business should it materialize.