Assist FX is a business services provider recently established in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Our purpose is to help businesses grow strategically and manage financial and geopolitical risks for long term sustainable value maximization.

You can think of Assist FX as a trusted business partner dedicated to helping your firm become more valuable, resilient, and able to focus on its core strengths.

Our business development consulting is designed to facilitate exciting new growth opportunities for your company. This often necessitates a level of research and due diligence beyond the capacity of a company’s standard operations and staff. Rather than committing to additional full-time staff or risking burn-out with those already heavily tasked with running busy operations,  you may benefit tremendously from contracted professional business development services to fulfill only a specific need or set of needs.

Our economic risk consulting exists to enhance your awareness of the potential external threats facing your firm and keep them manageable. External threats are all too often underappreciated by small and medium sized businesses.

We continuously monitor risks posed by economic, geopolitical, and legislative factors so you can focus on your clients and growing your business. Your keen awareness of the relevant events and risks facing your industry can also help establish increased credibility with your most valued clients, customers and partners.

Brent Carlile is founder and Senior Strategist at Assist FX. He has specialized in global macro research and trading in foreign exchange, commodities, interest rates, equities, ETFs, and options since 2004.  This career path has involved an immense level of geopolitical news consumption, research, analysis, and risk management. Brent’s passion is trying to understand how the world works in order to help his clients manage risk and stay ahead of the herd.

Brent has also actively participated in strategic high-level decision making in both the public and private sectors. He has helped facilitate M&A deals involving private companies with annual turnover of $10-100 million, as well as played an integral role in conceptualizing and gaining legislative approval for large government sector capital investment projects.

Some of Brent’s most impactful work experiences to date include onsite investigative due diligence research for prospective investments in Asia and Europe, as well as actively trading financial markets during the most defining risk events of our time — ie. “fiscal cliff” deadlines, currency devaluations, sovereign credit downgrades, independence referendums, Brexit, historic elections, and many other notable macro-driven market catalysts.

Brent Carlile has a long history of personally researching and analyzing complex behavioral psychology patterns and emerging trends. He believes deeply in at-the-source (ATS) data collection; the best way to analyze a situation is to be present in person collecting data, evaluating key stakeholders, verifying information, and assessing sentiment. Mr. Carlile is a staunch believer in behavioral economics, due diligence, and sound money principles.

Brent Carlile, Founder, Assist FX

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