Assist FX is a boutique business intelligence and market research firm recently established in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Its purpose is to supply customized at-the-source (ATS) intelligence gathering, due diligence reporting, and market research to investment institutions, businesses, and individuals across the globe.

You can think of Assist FX as your “eyes and ears on the ground” to assess what is happening and why for anything pertaining to your prospective business interests. It also may include researching a location, business segment, or particular consumer base to gain a deeper understanding of emerging sentiment and trends useful before making high value decisions.

Brent Carlile is founder and Senior Strategist at Assist FX. He has specialized in global macro research and trading in FX, commodities, interest rates, equities, ETFs, and options since 2001.  He combines macro analysis with unique data collection and behavioral psychology to develop leading indicators and forecasts.

More recently, Mr. Carlile has utilized his extensive research techniques relevant in investment finance to expand service coverage into additional sectors. This includes everything from retail, hospitality, and entertainment, to technology and digital currencies.

Brent Carlile has a long history of personally researching and analyzing complex behavioral psychology patterns and emerging trends for the past 15 years. He believes deeply in at-the-source (ATS) data collection; the best way to analyze a situation is to be present in person collecting data, evaluating key stakeholders, verifying information, and assessing sentiment. Mr. Carlile is a staunch believer in behavioral economics, due diligence, and sound money principles.

Brent Carlile, Founder, Assist FX

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