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Month: February 2017


Bond Markets Are Sending a Message: No Free Ride for Trade Protectionism and Reflation

It’s all fun and games until everyone tries to sell their government bonds at the same time. Markets have only begun seriously thinking about what the impacts of a more nationalistic, populist, reflationary economic climate might look like should the same political forces which caused the UK to vote itself out of the European Union and Donald Trump to become […]

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Do Words Trump the Data? Probably Not Yet

“Our companies can’t compete with them now because our currency is too strong. And it’s killing us,” Trump told The Journal, referring to competition from China. The Trump Administration wants to make America great again by transforming it into a manufacturing powerhouse like it was in the Post War glory days. Buy America, hire America. That’s not so bad really. Most Americans are generally on board with this patriotic slogan as long as its implications stop there. But then Mr. Trump takes things a step further with nonsense about the “strong dollar killing us.” By “us,” he means the 13% of the US economy reliant upon goods exports (as opposed to the other 87% more reliant upon domestic services and consumption). Mr. Trump surely isn’t referring to the more […]