This is the first post on the site and hopefully you tune in for the other 99.99% of posts still to come! Let’s dig right in…

US GDP in 2016 registered a paltry 1.6%. The annualized rate in Q4 was only slightly better at 1.9% vs. expectations of 2.2%.  It is clear economic growth in the USA was fairly meager and underwhelmed expectations. Here is why it doesn’t matter all that much: with the huge political changing of the guard that just occurred last week markets are focused on what will happen in the future given the sizable uncertainty surrounding Trump-onomics. The same goes for the U.K. Markets are overlooking much of the recent resilient economic data out of the U.K. and wondering more so what a post-Brexit world might look like for a British economy not part of the European Union.

Politics are the driving force in markets right now. Keep your eye on the impact of Trump Administration policy proposals and Brexit negotiation news and commentary. The dollar will live and die on the battle field of bullish tax cuts/regulation reductions/infrastructure stimulus vs. bearish trade barriers and even physical barriers in the case of “THE wall.” Pound sterling will live and die on the battle field of a bullish soft Brexit vs. a bearish hard Brexit.